Friday, 3 July 2015



Below are some images of the Eurasian Bee-eater, surely one of the most beautiful and charismatic birds of the Mediterranean region. Robin Gossage took these images in Spain. For most birders operating in Northamptonshire, this species is a gap in their county list. There have been confirmed sightings in the last two decades, but on each occasion the birds didn't hang around long enough to be seen other than by the original observers.

The nature of the beast is that they are aerially mobile in pursuit of flying insects of all descriptions and sizes, and in a similar manner to Swallows and Swifts, are able to feed whilst on migration if there is plenty of flying food up there with them.

Surely we must now be overdue for a small flock or at least a couple of these birds to grace our land-locked county? News has come through of a Hoopoe which was well-watched in a Grendon garden last month, so it is still possible for a Mediterranean overshoot, particularly if this weather keeps up...

Keep looking up and listen out for the fabulous muffled buzzy fluting of the much sought-after Eurasian Bee-eater!


Neil M

Eurasian Bee-eater

Courtesy of Robin Gossage.

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