Wednesday, 17 June 2015


For a variety of reasons my birding is somewhat restricted at the moment.  I am managing to visit Blueberry Farm area and Harrington Airfield on most days.
A Quail is still calling on and off from the southern most field of the Blueberry complex. I have heard it up until this morning when the field was silent, but could easily still be there.
There are one or two Grasshopper Warbler in the area.  The Barn Owls have become quite elusive but I did see two hunting yesterday evening.
This morning I watched a Cuckoo searching the hedge row , obviously looking for a nest in which to deposit eggs. It was so intent on its mission that it was totally unconcerned by my presence.
Birding at Harrington has been quiet, with Grey Partridge and Turtle Dove being the highlight.   Nine times out of ten I either see or hear the Turtle Doves. They seem to favour two main areas. Firstly the area around the bunker next to the concrete track. They are either perched in the obvious bare tree's or foraging on the brown earth behind the bunker. Secondly they are often in the bushes at the end of the track.  If you are walking along the concrete track, go past the first heap/strip of smelly muck and loiter around the bushes on your left.  This evening they were "purring" from the bushes in this area before flying past me and landing in the dead tree's.
The Common Spotted Orchid and Bee Orchid are out and looking pristine. The orchids are on the rough grassy strip and I'm sure that there are more to come out. 
More and more insects and butterflies are also about, especially Small Heath Butterflies.
This evening I also encountered both a Brown Hare [ my favourite] and a Badger walking up the track head on to meet me . Neither seemed to be aware that myself and two dogs were on a collision course with them !!!  For me, it was a case of hold on very tightly to one of the dogs who is part hound or face being pulled headlong across the airfield in pursuit.
However bird of the day yesterday was the Red Arrows who came very low and slow over the house, such a distinctive noise and sight.

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