Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Flowers and Insects

Today at Summer Leys was more about flowers and insects than birds. There were birds present; the first brood of two LRP's hatched yesterday, not from the nest we have been watching, but from a completely unobserved one. The other pair are still incubating. A third pair may be sitting, but in an area obscured by vegetation.
A pair of Red-crested Pochard were loafing on Gull Island, but no sign of the Garganey today. The other broods are doing well, although only two Redshank chicks have been seen for the last couple of days. A single Dunlin was on Round Island.
On to the other bits and pieces. The orchids are now showing well, all four regular species (Common Spotted, Bee, Southern Marsh and Pyramidal) are now out in various locations around the reserve as well as on Mary's Lake.
A number of insects were on the wing including Four-spotted Chaser and the first Ruby-tailed Wasp, a stunning little jewel of an insect, although the one seen today wasn't at its brightest. It can been seen on the woodwork of the bridge over the Grendon Brook (as well as several other locations) which feeds into the reserve about 100yds from the car park on a clockwise circuit. Be warned though, it's only a few millimetres long, fast and easily overlooked.


                    Neil H.
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