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Hello again

We have been working hard to produce a website for the Friends of Fineshade - dedicated to enjoying and protecting Fineshade Wood.  Spring is a particular time to enjoy it and we hope you will have time to do just that.... the bluebells, cowslips and other flowers are particularly spectacular this year.  Early morning birdsong is at its best now. However, Fineshade still needs protection... there is a current planning application for a camp site and Forest Holidays are still sniffing around - they have surveyors recording birds and reptiles in different areas of the wood. No doubt they will apply again sometime this year.

So please have a look at the website and let us know what you think. It's far from complete and we need help with it... pictures, stories, opinions, research, suggestions are all needed. Perhaps you can help or recommend someone? There's a contact form on the website and a list of Friends who have contributed so far.

One page of the site gives a summary of the current planning application for a campsite, carpark and toilet block right in front of the Visitor Centre. Because of the election, a decision about that application has been delayed - so there is still time to object if you haven't yet done so. Details are here.

Perhaps you can publicise the website too? ... by social media, email or word of mouth. Please help us make this website a powerful means of quickly alerting people to future threats.

On the website there is an invitation to join the Friends of Fineshade - a loose association of individuals who appreciate the qualities that make this location unique. We are assuming that you have already joined  because in the past you have asked to be kept informed. We do hope you will want to continue as a supporter and remain on the mailing list for occasional emails like this - be assured we will never share your email address with anyone else. But if you would rather not hear any more from us please use the unsubscribe link below.

Finally, below is a picture taken last week. It's an Early Purple Orchid, blooming deep in the wood, exactly on the route of one of Forest Holidays' proposed new roads.  The orchid would simply not have been there if Forest Holidays had had their way... so thank you once again for your support in opposing their plans.

Hope you enjoy the website and enjoy visiting the wood this spring.

Barrie and Tricia Galpin

Our mailing address is:
Friends of Fineshade
15 Top Lodge
Corby, Northants NN17 3BB
United Kingdom