Thursday, 2 April 2015

Migrants please!


Little in the way of significant change in the centre of the county these last few days but as always there are subtle movements all the time. Fieldfares, Starlings and Golden Plovers are quietly gathering and moving about in small flocks, some slipping away to the north and others lingering to feed up before doing likewise.

In the garden, new Goldfinches have been arriving, feeding up and departing as they also fly to summer in the north of England and Scotland and I'm still catching new first year Blue Tits in the garden suggesting that they also are wandering around trying to find breeding opportunities which includes a mate for the first time and suitable habitat. 

Small numbers of Linnets, Meadow Pipits, Pied Wagtails and similar fare are also slipping over almost unnoticed, maybe a flight contact call or watching the disappearance of small undulating flock to the distant horizon being the only indication.

The weather conditions for tomorrow, rain and dull conditions combined with a south easterly air-stream, should technically produce a pulse of fresh birds but much of it depends on the conditions much further to the south of us. Anyway I shall be out there in the rain trying to find some migrants!

The below images have been kindly forwarded by Clive Bowley...


Neil M

Summer Leys LNR

Sywell Country Park

Abington Park

All images courtesy
of Clive Bowley

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