Monday, 20 April 2015

Pitsford gulls


Eleanor's perusal of the Blueberry Farm area this morning yielded two singing Grasshopper Warblers but nothing else of note.

At Pitsford Reservoir today, a pair of Oystercatcher remain and seem likely to breed again on-site. A couple of pairs of Black-headed Gulls also look very maternal and are showing a great deal of interest in the rafts and pollarded willows in the Scaldwell Bay. Last year they made it to the egg stage but didn't seem to progress any further.

In most springs a pair or two of Lesser Black-backed Gulls scout around the reserve obviously contemplating breeding and then move on. Today a pair were doing just that and were very interested in a couple of Coots fighting (again) in the open water. The Coots as usual just kept fighting regardless!

A Wheatear and a Whitethroat were noted at Harrington Airfield this afternoon.


Neil M

Scaldwell Meadow,
Pitsford Res

Adult Black-headed Gull
Pitsford Res

Lesser Black-backed Gull
and Coots Pitsford Res

A Raven caught and
ringed today at Chase Park
Farm, Yardley Chase.
Image courtesy of
Nick Wood.

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