Friday, 20 February 2015

Ruddy Duck no longer...


On Wednesday the DEFRA-paid personnel returned to Pitsford Reservoir and apparently eradicated the very last male Ruddy Duck on-site. A sad end to an era which might mean we don't see this charismatic species locally in the wild again.

Today at Pitsford Res the three White-fronted Geese were just north of the causeway in waterside vegetation towards the Old Scaldwell Road and a flock of about 65 Golden Plovers were present on the top fields at Harrington Airfield.

Our garden continues to attract interesting birds and today a couple of Lesser Redpoll were on the feeders which also attracted two Nuthatches and a Marsh Tit whilst food sprinkled on the ground brought in a couple of Reed Buntings and a Yellowhammer. This is the critical time to provide food for our seed-dependent species and when gardens come in to their own.

At Blueberry Farm this afternoon Eleanor notched up two Woodcock, two pairs of Stonechat and a Barn Owl.


Neil M

Long-tailed Tit from
the ringing session at
Scotland Wood on
Courtesy of Helen Franklin

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