Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fineshade - the deliberation and the decision


Just one more day to go.  

1)  There’s a bit of a media storm. This is what we’re aware of:

Radio Northampton, live interview (Trish) tomorrow morning 07:40.

ITV Anglia are coming for an interview and to film in the woods tomorrow morning. The Wildlife Trust are also being interviewed.

BBC say they will be at the meeting tomorrow night.

An article on the Guardian website now and published in the paper tomorrow

Also Mark Avery’s blog

Please send comments to Mark’s blog and also the Guardian. Tweet widely etc, etc.

There are now 147 objections on the East Northants website.
Paul Hackett's 38-degrees petition is shooting up as I write. 2362 signatures now.

2) Tomorrow’s meeting

But let’s keep our eye on the ball: - 
what counts is how councillors vote tomorrow night
and how strong their reasons are to make it hard for FH to appeal.

Nothing else really matters much.

Here’s the details...

Meeting starts at 7pm in the council chamber in Thrapston. It’s here...
There is a public gallery which holds 50 with a large overflow room with video link. 
Public entrance to the gallery is via a door from the carpark - councillors enter by another door.

While we want councillors to be aware of the depth of feeling, we don’t want them to be threatened at all. Good humoured encouragement to vote the right way will be fine. We hope that many of them will be supporting us. There will be a supply of A4-sized placards available from about 6pm if you’re a banner waver or last minute lobbier. (e.g. "The Gruffalo says NO to hot tubs in his forest”!). We hope there will be representatives of the press there who may want to hear your views.

Once the meeting starts another local planning application will be dealt with first. We are told that this is also contentious and we may not be allowed onto the public gallery at first if space is needed for supporters of the other application. When that’s been heard we’ll be able to take their places on the gallery.

During the meeting it really is important that we keep a dignified silence. It really won’t help antagonising the councillors or the Chair.

There will be 3-minute presentations by:
David Williamson, Head of Recreation at the Forestry Commission (last time he was supported on the gallery by two planning guys from Forest Holidays)
Shenagh Hackett, speaking on behalf of our Parish Council
Barrie Galpin, speaking on behalf of protesters.

And then there will be a discussion.
And then there will be a decision.
And after that it will be hard to maintain the dignified silence!

And after that, we’ll be stopping off at the Queen’s Head in Bulwick on the way home.

Barrie and Trish Galpin
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