Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A jog around Pitsford Res!

This morning I decided to run around the big side of Pitsford Reservoir, the first time this year !  

At 09.45hrs there were 3 Great White Egrets standing together near the gorse bushes. As I neared the Pintail Bay a large flock of geese came from the fields and landed on the water in front of me. I thought that three of them looked suspicious but couldn't be certain of the species.  I continued and made a slight detour from the track to check for Jack Snipe and found two birds.

The flock of geese decided to follow me and when I arrived back to the causeway they flew over and landed on the small side. My suspicious geese turned out to be the three White-fronted Geese and were viewed from the feeding station before the flock disappeared back to the big side.

A visit to Harrington Airfield late this afternoon only produced 7 Grey Partridge.

Regards Eleanor
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