Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dawn + Dusk Birding

My birding has been very limited today . Dawn found me and my canine companions at Blueberry Farm area. If you are out and about before it is light keep your eye's peeled skywards as the International Space Station is often visible and is usually quite easy to pick out from the stars and aircraft as it looks like a slow moving elongated bright star. Anyway, once it became daylight a beautiful scene of crisp white frosty hedgerows and trees making it seem magical greeted my eye's. This scene was crowned off by a lone hunting Barn Owl, showing well and totally oblivious to my presence., and a pair of Ravens flying about making "silly" noises, as they do sometimes..............and all before breakfast !!
My other birding slot was at the end of the day, just before darkness fell. A quick stop at Sywell Reservoir which was partially iced over produced a Bittern flying around the areas of reedbed, a lone Pink Footed Goose with the geese flock and the blood curdling shrieks of 2 Water Rails as they conversed with each other !!

Regards Eleanor
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