Saturday, 20 December 2014

Peregrines on the horizon


A visit to Harrington Airfield this morning was necessary to feed the hordes of birds at the old airfield entrance! Birds of note included an adult male Peregrine, a covey of seven Grey Partridge and about two hundred Golden Plovers together with good numbers of Skylarks and winter thrushes. Nearby a Woodcock was flushed at Sunderland Wood.

This afternoon and birds noted at Pitsford Res included at least one Great White Egret, three Little Egrets and a hunting first year male Peregrine north of the causeway and three Shelduck near to the dam. Blueberry Farm hosted a hunting Barn Owl and a pair of Stonechat.


Neil M

They may be common
resident birds in this fair
county of ours but I think
the tits suitably brighten
 up a winter's day.
Top Coal Tit, middle
Long-tailed Tit and
bottom Blue Tit.

All courtesy of Robin Gossage.

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