Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wednesday ringing


Chris Payne conducted some ringing down at Bradden today and ended up catching 108 birds in four hours during good ringing conditions. The catch was mostly common birds and included Goldcrest and Nuthatch and typical woodland species.

In the meantime a small gang of us were operating some nets this morning at Harrington Airfield in a further effort at targeting thrushes. Nineteen new Redwings made it all worthwhile and thrushes dominated the catch which included Song Thrushes and Blackbirds. However we weren't the only ones on the look out for thrushes - a female Sparrowhawk was hunting the bushes for Redwings but we managed to catch her too (please see image below). Small numbers of Golden Plover were mobile all morning, about a thousand Woodpigeons flew over moving south/south-west and Fieldfares were conspicuous as they swirled around in the murky conditions initially. Other birds included a male Peregrine and singles of Siskin and redpoll sp.

This afternoon there were still at least two pairs of Stonechat at Blueberry Farm plus a Short-eared Owl and a Barn Owl.


Neil M

Male Sparrowhawk captured yesterday

Five years of ringing and Helen
Franklin was never there to ring
and process a Sparrowhawk. Now
she has ringed two in two days!

Juvenile female Sparrowhawk

All images courtesy of  Neil Hasdell.

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