Sunday, 16 November 2014

Starlings and Kingfishers

John Finlayson has provided details of a large Starling murmuration presently viewable on the Wildlife Trust Reserve at Titchmarsh near to Thrapston. It can be viewed  by walking from the Aldwincle Car Park, down the track to the reserve. Pass through the gate and turn right. walk past the disused hide to the next hide and view from there. The birds appeared (estimated 15-20,000) at approx 3.40pm today.
A  ringing session was conducted at Storton's nature reserve today by John Woollett and his enthusiastic team.
A total of just over 80 birds were processed including good numbers of Goldfinches and Greenfinches.  A flock in excess of forty Goldfinches was observed feeding on teasels close to the ringing station. The star birds of the session were the two Kingfishers pictured below.

         Neil H.
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