Thursday, 13 November 2014

County Bird Ringing


At a site in the south of the county, local naturalists and ringers Chris Payne, John Woollett, Kim Robinson and Mike Tubb spent some time this morning catching and ringing over seventy birds. Highlights included a Jay, a Sparrowhawk, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a Bullfinch, four Coal Tits and a couple of Nuthatch. We are fortunate in Northamptonshire inasmuch there are ringers operating at sites in most parts of the county, but it is remarkably rare for birds that we have ringed locally to be re-captured by colleagues who on some occasions are only a matter of a few miles down the road!

This year looks to be a record year for the number of individual birds caught and ringed in this fair county of ours, reflecting the stunning successes of the Stanford Res Ringing Group and determined efforts by other students of migration as well as generally good summer breeding conditions which has resulted in a positive output of freshly fledged youngsters.


Neil M

Great Spotted Woodpecker


Images courtesy of Chris Payne.

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