Monday, 22 September 2014

Summer Leys

I decided to visit Summer Leys this morning after yesterday's sighting of a Bittern. Disappointingly the bird didn't make a return visit.
There were compensations however. A Great White Egret was fishing on the Scrape when I arrived in the Pioneer Hide. It was accompanied by a Little Egret and a rather possessive Grey Heron. The latter bird was particularly envious of the Egret's fishing success and attempted to steal fish from it before eventually displacing it from it's preferred fishing spot.
An eclipse plumage Garganey was also feeding on the scrape. A pair of Grey Wagtail's flew in and started feeding in front of the hide. Shortly afterwards a juvenile Peregrine Falcon flew low over the scrape and gave a Wood Pigeon a nasty surprise. The bird wasn't really in hunting mode and the Pigeon easily evaded its half hearted stoop. None of the other birds on the scrape noticed the Peregrine's passage!
A pair of Snipe were on Brayshaw's Bund with a second pair on Eddy's Island. A lone Hobby was hawking insects high over the car park.


                        Neil H.
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