Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Redstarts Remain !

This morning I had to resort to plan B due to the thick fog, which was a run along the Brampton Valley Way. There were plenty of Blackbirds in the bushes and they seem to be increasing in number. A single Brambling, Siskin and Grey Wagtail were the only birds of note.
I visited Blueberry Farm area a couple of times today and there were at least 2+ Whinchat, a Stonechat and a male Redstart in the area, although all could be elusive at times. Usually they would appear on a weed stem, bramble or hedgerow, their presence detected by a sudden movement or a flash of red or white rump areas. Jays were very vocal and obvious today as they foraged the oak trees and hedgerows. 
Sunshine and breeze provided ideal conditions for the raptors to enjoy including Hobby, Red Kites and Common Buzzard.  The recently harvested fields appear to be a magnet for the Red Kites and I came across 4 perched in the same tree.
This evening I visited Harrington Airfield which apart from a stunning sunset was quiet. A Redstart in the bushes at the first bunker being the only bird of note.

Regards  Eleanor
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