Friday, 29 August 2014

Grey and breezy autumnal day


A breezy but pleasant autumnal morning at Harrington Airfield felt good for migrants but actually most of the birds seen have probably been there for a little while now.  The couple of Ravens were mobile and there were plenty of other corvids there too.  Two Redstarts included the rather elusive one in bushes by the first bunker again plus a first year male showing better in roadside bushes near to the concrete track entrance. A Whinchat was here too.

Subsequently at Pitsford Res, birds of note in the Scaldwell Bay included seven Red-crested Pochard, a Goldeneye and two Little Egrets.

Two Ravens remain at Hanging Houghton.  Our garden feeders are busy now with tits, and lots of juvenile House Sparrows and Greenfinches.  Two Nuthatch and the regular Marsh Tit can just about squeeze in to grab a sunflower heart or two!


Neil M

Harrington Airfield

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