Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday Morning Madness !!!

It had been another quiet week on the birding front. Just the regular Turtle Doves at Harrington Airfield and Barn Owl and Grasshopper Warbler at Blueberry Farm.   The butterflies had been more interesting with Marbled White seen at both these locations. Probably the best sightings were of the Vulcan, Red Arrows, Spitfire, Huricaine and the Blades aircraft !!!
I was out early this morning as have a busy day ahead and walked around Blueberry Farm area.  I have seen more "good" birds today than in the past two weeks put together !!!  A couple of Barn Owl were busy hunting, a flock of 8 Crossbill and an Osprey flew over. At Blueberry Farm itself as I stood waiting for Bazra to catch me up as he had gone off to round up the hot air balloon which was low overhead I saw a flash of red disappear round the was a stunning male Black Redstart. There are some newish barns and whilst these were being constructed I checked the area regularly as it looked good for Black Redstart and this morning I couldn't believe it when I saw him.
We then continued around the big field where I said "good morning" to one of the Grasshopper Warblers and as we sat at the top watching the world go by I picked up a cream crown Marsh Harrier which appeared to be hunting.
Plenty of butterflies about, even at 07.00hrs, and several Marbled White noted.

Regards Eleanor

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