Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Black Redstart


I've just arrived back from a wildlife trip off the east coast of Russia which was an amazing experience. I will endeavour to download a couple of images for the blog over the next week or so which will hopefully provide some good examples of the wildlife of this poorly-visited region.

In the meantime Eleanor has been up to Blueberry Farm near Maidwell this morning and confirmed the continued presence of the Black Redstart around the buildings. Please respect the privacy of the family living on-site and the equestrian interests associated with the farm. Car parking is generally permitted by the owners near to the farm buildings providing vehicles are parked appropriately just after the first barn on the right driving from Maidwell village.

There were still plenty of Marbled White butterflies in the large set-aside field on the hill towards Haselbech Hill.


Neil M
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