Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday pm


At risk of sounding repetitive, Eleanor wandered the Harrington Airfield complex this afternoon and again came across two Turtle Doves and two Grey Partridges.  This time the birds were around bushes and rough pasture on land to the north of the main concrete track where it connects with the old airstrip (opposite the old firing range wall).

A change of scenery was required this evening with a walk around Welford Reservoir which produced sightings of Spotted Flycatcher and a Grass Snake.


Neil M

Great Crested Grebe
Welford Res

First Year (hatched last year) male Blackbird
Welford Res.  The end of tail shape and brown
worn wing feathers indicate that this is not a full
adult male Blackbird.  In addition, most mature males
would exhibit a brighter bill and eye-ring and the body
feathers would be blacker and glossier.  Even so the
behaviour of this bird indicated that it was foraging for
food for it's young so despite it's young age it has
presumably been successful in finding and defending
a territory.

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