Monday, 16 June 2014

Pitsford CBC


This morning was spent conducting a Common Bird Census on the nature reserve north of the causeway at Pitsford Reservoir.  It was actually quite dull light for much of the walk, although an hour's sunshine livened up the insects for a short time.  No particular birds of note were located although Spotted Flycatcher was logged in three different places in the Walgrave Bay.  Most small birds and water-birds have produced youngsters now and there was still plenty of bird-song echoing around the plantations.  The very persistent male Cuckoo is still frantically calling and flying around the place, but there has been no sign of a female. Tawny Owls were still in family groups in both the Holcot and Walgrave Bays and the Gadwall are just beginning to form the traditional summer flock.


Neil M

Flowering Rush


Common Tern

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