Saturday, 10 May 2014

Windswept Walkies !!

I must admit that the thought of wet and muddy dogs did not fill me with much enthusiasm this morning, but the dogs were keen to go out. Anyway the rain soon stopped and we were quickly dried out by the ever increasing wind.
The bean fields below Hanging Houghton continue to "look good" so I covered quite an extensive circuit. I feel as if I know each bean plant intimately !!!, but all I could find was a rather splendid male Northern Wheatear and a couple of pairs of Lapwing.
As I reached Blueberry Farm I picked up a large bird flying away from me, typical, but thankfully it banked and circled around before heading off towards Cottesbrooke. It was a White Stork. It was flying quite low when I initially saw it, which makes me wonder whether it had been on the ground.
I continued to wander around the Blueberry Farm area and saw a Whinchat and two singing Grasshopper Warblers.  When I reached the highest point at Blueberry I stood for a while and scanned the skies, much to the dogs relief as they were glad of a rest, and it wasn't long before I picked up Osprey, Hobby, Red Kites and numerous Common Buzzard clearly enjoying the bright and breezy conditions.

Regards Eleanor
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