Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wednesday update...


This morning Eleanor completed her customary perusal of the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton and extending up towards Blueberry Farm and the fields adjacent.  An Osprey again flew up from the valley heading towards Pitsford Res at about 7.40am.  Two Curlew were flying around and calling and passerines on the ground included a Whinchat on the Blueberry Farm complex and two Wheatears again on the bean fields.

Later this morning a Quail was audible from a wheat field adjacent to the Brampton Valley Way at Draughton Crossing.

In the meantime a small team of us spent the morning putting up large nest boxes at Pitsford Res for the 2015 season and taking down/repairing those that have seen a number of years service.  We didn't notice any birds of note but the Common Tern community is slowly increasing in number with birds loafing on the rafts in the Scaldwell Bay.  A pair of Marsh Tits are utilizing a nest box on-site this year, and we netted a 10 year old female Tawny Owl from a nest-box, being first ringed as a nestling on the reserve way back in 2004.


Neil M
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