Monday, 26 May 2014

Pitsford CES ringing


A Constant Effort Site (CES) ringing session took place at Pitsford Res this morning, as led by Dave Francis.  Using established rides in the Scaldwell Bay for lines of mist-nets, some 48 birds were captured and processed as part of a long term study.  The captures of 12 juvenile Robins was very significant, strongly suggesting that early broods of this species had fared well this year.  A female Willow Tit sporting an active brood patch was also an important catch, suggesting that a pair of this very thinly distributed resident are again breeding in the Scaldwell Bay.  Three Chiffchaffs and five Bullfinches were also processed, Pitsford remains a good place to see Bullfinch despite declines elsewhere in the region and country.

A Cuckoo has remained very vocal in the ringing area in the Scaldwell Bay for a couple of weeks now - there are very few birds in the NN6 postal area these days - and a singing Reed Warbler and a singing Lesser Whitethroat remain in the area of the Old Scaldwell Road Feeding Station.


Neil M
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