Sunday, 11 May 2014

Another Windswept Walkies!!

Another day spent trekking around the bean fields and the Blueberry Farm complex, whilst competing with the strong wind and trying to dodge the showers, not very successfully.
The bean fields were quiet and I'm sure the beans have grown inches overnight as even the Lapwing were more difficult to locate.
Around Blueberry there was at least one singing Grasshopper Warbler and a Reed Warbler.  A newly fledged party of Long Tailed Tits were vocal , as were 2 Curlew as they flew over.  As I neared the highest point of the big field, battling against the wind I saw a Turtle Dove doing likewise. 
It is actually well worth the climb to this highest point as the views across the countryside are stunning and it is a good game to identify some famous landmarks, eg Cottesbrooke Hall, Express Lifts Tower and Borough Hill. If you are feeling weary then have a rest on the old garden furniture kindly placed there by Mr Mrs Knowles for all to enjoy.  It is a good place to watch for raptors as so much sky to look at, and again today there was Osprey, Red Kites, Kestrel, Hobby and Common Buzzard.

Regards  Eleanor
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