Sunday, 27 April 2014

Strange Sunday !

I started the day with an early morning walk at Harrington Airfield and it was disappointingly quiet with no birds of note.
Late morning found me walking around the bean fields below Hanging Houghton. These fields look perfect for a "goodie", but there are an awful lot of bean fields to cover. !!  I decided to walk to the highest point of the fields as there is a fantastic view .  It was here that I had a total unexpected  group of 9 Whimbrel and a Golden Plover sp feeding!!!.  I say Golden Plover sp as I had a small Golden Plover type with an unusual call a couple of days ago and I've been trying to relocate it ever since. After watching it today, I am still not sure.  I really needed my scope, so I took the dogs back home, picked up my scope and went back.......of course those birds were nowhere to be seen, but there were 2 Wheatears. This evening I trekked around more of the bean fields with my 4 legged companions who think that I've "really lost the plot", but could not relocate these birds, but saw 2 Grey Partridge, Barn Owl and had a Cuckoo singing well.
Oh well there is always tomorrow.

Regards  Eleanor
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