Friday, 18 April 2014

Ringing at Harrington


Despite often quite bright sunshine and a cool northerly breeze, the planned ringing session at Harrington Airfield took place this morning.  My thanks to those visiting birders who changed their plans on arriving at this disused airfield this morning, enabling us to catch 24 birds safely.  Seven Willow Warblers were among the catch, we assume a combination of birds intending to breed on the old airstrip but also migrants aiming for more northern climes.

What was probably the same individual Ring Ouzel was seen a number of times, often elusive and very mobile around the site.  For a short time there was a group of seven Wheatears, but they were disturbed and hadn't returned by the time we left.  Other birds included a mobile Yellow Wagtail, singing Lesser and Common Whitethroats and a Raven.  There was no sign of yesterday's Stone Curlew.

The leaves of Common Spotted Orchid were visible and Grizzled Skipper was the pick of the butterflies on the wing there today.

Birds in the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton this afternoon included a dozen Golden Plovers and four Wheatears on the bean fields.


Neil M

Yellowhammer at Harrington
Airfield, courtesy of Clive Bowley.

Record shot of yesterday's
Stone Curlew at Harrington Airfield.

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