Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Odds and Ends

Although I have been out and about in the past few days checking the bean fields below Hanging Houghton, feeding the birds at Harrington Airfield and checking for migrants at Pitsford and Sywell Reservoirs , my bird list is pretty poor.
The bean fields look really good, but there has been a distinct lack of birds. These fields have been sprayed and fertilized in close succession recently so I wonder if this is significant.  Today the remaining straw bales were removed , so I expect the Wheatears will move on.
This morning at Harrington there was a Whinchat and a male Common Redstart around the second bunker, otherwise it was quiet.
I always find Sywell Reservoir an interesting spot, but today the only birds of note were several singing Sedge Warblers.
Today I have heard a Cuckoo everywhere I've been.....unless it is the same one following me around !!!

Regards Eleanor
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