Thursday, 17 April 2014

Harrington Airfield update


This evening at Harrington Airfield there were three Ring Ouzels still present in bushes along the old airstrip and a mobile group of 6 - 10 Wheatears, mostly around the second bunker.

Visiting birders are reminded that there is no public access to the old airstrip and that the public footpath runs along the concrete track which is accessible from the minor road to Draughton.  The land-owners show no huge concerns for the occasional regular birder straying off the footpath but the downside of finding a rare bird which we all naturally want to see at this site, causes them alarm.  This is partly associated with the quite dangerous state of the concrete bunkers with plenty of opportunity of falling in to unguarded holes, tripping over concrete and wires and the amount of broken glass strewn over the area etc.  Clumsy and thoughtless parking in front of the gates to both the chipping compound and the vehicle access point to the concrete track causes further frustration. As perhaps the most regular birders visiting this site, we are keen to ensure that access for local birders is not compromised and that we all stand a chance of seeing good birds there to the future.

We are also at the very early stages of potentially creating a regular ringing station on the airfield.  This is very much at the development stage.  Tomorrow morning it is hoped to run a ringing session on the airstrip as arranged with the land-owner and public access is restricted to invitees only.  Mist nets and other devices create further hazards to walkers and themselves are prone to damage by people and animals simply wandering in to them!  In due course as we find our feet and can properly assess the risks, it is likely that such restrictions may be relaxed and all interests accommodated.  Your forbearance is much appreciated.


Neil M
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