Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Early breeders


Yesterday Dave Francis spent some time on a boat at Pitsford Reservoir for tern raft maintenance and made a point of counting the nests in the Cormorant colony.  Thirty-six nests are in use and many of them have young visible, including one brood that were almost adult-sized!  It is possible to hear the young calling from as far away as the Old Scaldwell Road.

An occupied Raven nest was located in the NN6 area today and there were four Bramblings on the seed at Harrington Airfield at about 12.15pm.

Despite spending some time at Pitsford Res this morning, the only birds of note included the Red-necked Grebe off the dam and the pair of Oystercatcher still mostly on the reserve section of the reservoir.


Neil M
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