Friday, 11 April 2014

Cowslips on parade


No birds of particular note today although there was a solitary Wheatear and a pair of Grey Partridge at Harrington Airfield.

I spent some time at Pitsford Res watching a particularly small Herring Gull associating with Common Gulls. In addition to the small size, the gull's bill was curiously-shaped and the markings were not typical of an adult or near-adult bird (please see below).

Sadly I recovered a dead Tawny Owl today - another wildlife casualty of the A508 Brixworth by-pass.

Cowslips are now well in flower, with many colonies obvious on the verges of our county 'A' roads, the A45 and the A14 perhaps being the best examples.


Neil M

Herring Gull


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