Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Winter meets Summer !!!!

This morning it felt like a summer's day with blue skies and sunshine, rather than winter.  A bird called which I haven't heard for a while, which heralded welcome return of one of our lovely summer migrants, a Yellow Wagtail, which was feeding around a manure heap. The fields below Hanging Houghton are quite bare and dry at the moment but have been attractive to Golden Plovers, and this morning there were at least 200 birds, in a variety of plumage.  Also on these fields this morning were 2 Wheatear, the first ones I have seen this year. 
The rather attractive and distinctive "white Common Buzzard" was also in the general area.
Late afternoon found me at Harrington Airfield feeding the birds. We are feeding the birds every day as so many are enjoying a free feast !!!  The numbers of Brambling vary day by day and even hour by hour. At one point there were 10 stunning males feeding together, with at least another 6 dull and female birds. A single Tree Sparrow was also present, along with numerous Reed Buntings, Yellowhammer and Chaffinch.
A wander along the concrete track produced a single Wheatear, Raven, female Peregrine and 2 Grey Partridge.
It was noticeable today that the winter thrushes are on the move as small parties of Redwing and Fieldfare were heading northwards.
I popped over to Market Harborough but failed to spot any Otters, the water level in the River Welland is quite low , so I presume that they may have moved into deeper water somewhere. Folk I spoke to hadn't seen them for a few weeks.

Regards  Eleanor
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