Saturday, 22 March 2014

Saturday afternoon notes...


Neil Hasdell picked up a dead Common Buzzard from the edge of the Brixworth by-pass yesterday, the bird presumably having collided with a vehicle.  The bird was bearing a ring and it turned out to be the individual found in a bewildered state in the same location back in July 2013.  On that occasion the bird was in the centre of the carriageway after presumably being clipped by a vehicle.  It was taken in to care for several hours and released once it had composed itself and showed no obvious injuries.  Clearly the A508 was part of it's territory and like many Common Buzzards and an awful amount of wild-life out there our roads prove fatal.

This afternoon a Raven was over Clint Hill, Hanging Houghton and drifted towards Lamport.

At Pitsford Res this afternoon the Green Sandpiper was below the dam on floodwater, the Great Northern Diver was in the mouth of the Pintail Bay and the Red-necked Grebe was in open water between the yacht club and The Pines.


Neil M
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