Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Busy, busy day !!

Busy, busy, busy day . Sadly not much time for birding, however I did manage a run at Pitsford Reservoir early this morning. The Great Northern Diver was very close to the bank in the Pintail Bay and the Red-necked Grebe close into the dam.  I am not one of those folk who keep various "bird lists", but I may start one for " birds seen whilst running" as this could be quite an interesting one.
I fed the birds at Harrington Airfield and waited in the car for a few minutes and easily saw 8+ Bramblings, again some stunning males.
I was expecting great things this afternoon as I went walking the dogs in the valley below us just after the rain stopped, but it was quiet, with only 10+ Golden Plover seen.

Regards Eleanor
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