Saturday, 15 February 2014

Winter storm birding


This morning was taken up squelching through a variety of sites topping up the feeders at our wild bird feed stations.  The lengthy and very powerful storms of last night have caused a great deal of tree damage locally, many of the toppled trees hanging against others.

Late morning saw seven Bramblings feeding on the seed at Harrington Airfield and a Red Kite sauntering over nearby fields.

This afternoon a large flock of c100 Yellowhammers were feeding in a field near Pitsford Res, and it was great to see them feeding with good numbers of Skylarks, Linnets and other birds - just as we used to see it thirty years ago!

At Pitsford Res the resilience of the breeding Cormorants continues to be tested, the south-west gales blowing straight in to their tree colony.  However fifteen nests were still occupied this afternoon - they are obviously as tough as they look.  They certainly coped better than one of the observation hides which lost it's roof wholesale!

Despite spending the rest of the day at Pitsford Res I struggled to find much of note.  Five Goosanders flew in to the Scaldwell Bay but scanning in the vicinity of the dam and subsequent gull roost provided nothing new.

Eleanor witnessed a Great White Egret and a Little Egret flying over the main causeway in a southerly direction at about 4.30pm and Neil H notched up two Little Egrets and the Bar-headed Goose south of the causeway this morning.


Neil M

Little Grebe
Pitsford Res

Mute Swan
Pitsford Res

Not taken today, but a deserved
splash of colour and contrast courtesy
 of Jan Devito with her image of a
Marbled White butterfly at
High Wood from a couple of
years ago.
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