Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunny Sunday !!


A day of wall to wall sunshine made a pleasant change from the recent rain. Consequently I spent most of my day outside. I started at Harrington Airfield where the birds were waiting to be fed. At the moment the numbers of birds visiting mean that we feed every day. 

At one point this morning there was a myriad of colours as Reed Buntings, Yellowhammers, Chaffinches, Robins, Blackbirds, Redwings, Woodpigeons, and at least 10 Brambling fed side by side.

There were a pair of Grey Partridge at the end of the track and several Common Buzzards loafing around the bunkers.

I didn't see anything else until I spent a hour loitering along the track waiting for Tor, our new boy, to come back from his foray following his nose.  This enforced wait produced 2 Ravens, 2 Red Kites, a Grey Wagtail and at least 4 Lesser Redpolls.

Whilst in the garden the air was filled by the mew of the Common Buzzards, evocative calls of the Red Kites and the baritone calls of the Ravens. These birds may have been the ones seen earlier at Harrington.

Late this afternoon I took a good walk around the Blueberry area and saw more of the same, 2 Ravens, 3 Red Kites, 10+ Common Buzzards, plus a female Peregrine whom I often bump into.

There were also 2 Barn Owl, but no sign of the Stonechats which may have moved on.  But it was really just nice to be out and about !



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