Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Lowick Great Grey Shrike


Yesterday Phil Rogers relocated the Great Grey Shrike that was first seen several days ago near to the village of Lowick off the A6116 between Thrapston and Corby.  The bird is generally viewable from the footpath (also a vehicle track with a metal barrier) that starts from the A6116 on the opposite side of the road to the village (grid reference approximately SP978813).  It can be tricky to see if it is mobile but Phil has seen in several times by simply being patient and remaining on the footpath and scanning the field hedges and trees.

Walking the footpath from the A6116 towards the blocks of woodland on the hillside, the bird tends to show in hedgerows that cross the fields to the right.  The first hedge almost parallels pylons that cross the field, the second hedgerow is a little further up (about SP980815).  Please do not enter the fields.

Phil has kindly provided guidance and comments as follows:- 

'The bird is very mobile and disappears from view for long periods.  When it does show, it shows well and can be seen clearly from the footpath. I saw it three times today in two hours at midday.
The best viewing spot today is as follows:-
Walk up the track for approx 200m until you reach a large gap in the right hand hedge just before the overhead power lines. The bird showed on top of the hedge directly in front of the gap and also in the half dead tree along the hedge line. If the bird is in the tree it will be viewable distantly from the barrier at the start of the track. My first sighting today was in the hedge to the far left of the field looking from the gap. This is where I located it on Saturday.
Apparently birders have been walking into the fields to get closer or to try and locate it when it is out of sight. This is not necessary, a bit of patience is all that is required.'

Best of Luck!

Neil M
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