Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Soggy dogs !!

A rather wet day made birding difficult and I seemed to have spent my time drying out my optics and wet dogs !!  .
My only birds and wildlife of note were at Harrington Airfield late this afternoon.  As soon as I put the food out at least 6 Bramblings mysteriously appeared out of thin air !! . Two Redpoll sp and a huge flock of Fieldfare flew over.
Our latest canine addition Tor has a lot to learn and is already proving to be a challenge !! He seems to be a tiny percentage collie with the remainder of his make up a hound ? beagle  ? foxhound. So he goes into sensory overload when he is out and the selective deafness takes over. 
This afternoon he was clearly excited over a scent he could smell and disappeared into the bushes. Imagine my surprise when 3 superb Roe Deer walked out from behind the bushes......but where was Tor ?  , he was more interested in a Pheasant which flew up and away leaving a very bemused dog looking skywards.

Regards Eleanor
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