Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Otters at Market Harborough


A visit to Market Harborough today in an effort to see the otters was interesting.  Plenty of Northants birders about and the otters were present but somehow we managed to miss them (the otters that is)!

It seems that they are seen daily by the town-folk going about their usual business and we spoke to many who regularly saw these animals.  Up to four animals were on show yesterday but they can move up and down the river very rapidly.  Dave Thomas managed over two hundred images yesterday and reported that they were fishing, playing etc very close to the Northampton Road bridge.

Two animals were seen on an off this morning up until just short of 12 noon, but I don't think there were any sightings between then and 2pm.  They are seen anywhere along the stretch of the river between Welland Park and the train station, with the most regular sightings between the Co-op and Sainsburys.  This bias is perhaps because this is the busiest section with people so hence more sightings.  Fortunately there are tarmac paths alongside the river and many foot bridges so the viewing opportunities are ideal.

I think we were unlucky today and I think if you are prepared to spend a couple of hours there in the morning I think you would stand a good chance of seeing them.  A Kingfisher and a Grey Wagtail were perhaps the most interesting birds seen there today.

Best of Luck!

Neil M

Images courtesy of
Dave Thomas
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