Sunday, 15 December 2013

Pitsford produces ...!!

It was a bright and breezy walk at Harrington Airfield this morning . The only birds of note being 4 Brambling sitting very quietly in the bushes at the shooting wall and a Red Kite over.
I decided that Pitsford reservoir had been rather neglected by us both, so after coffee I headed off there. My heart sank when I saw the amount of activity at the sailing club and I nearly drove on, but decided that I might as well walk across the dam.  I'm glad that I did as the first bird I looked at was a Great Northern Diver, or at least that is what I thought!! The bird in question dived and it seemed an age before it reappeared. All I could find were Cormorants, so this set seeds of doubt, but then the Great Northern Diver appeared again and as I watched it swam towards grange bay, phew.
Next stop was the causeway. By this time it was raining and quite windy, but feeling quite hopeful I walked down the big side to the gorse bushes.  On scanning I could see the huge "aircraft carrier" alias Great Northern Diver heading my way.
There was a male Scaup near the holly tree, 4 Redhead Smew in the catwalk bay and a further 2 drake Smew flying around.
Despite being wet and windblown I checked the small side. There were 2 Great White Egret viewable at the same time, at least 8 Red Crested Pochard, 2 Goosander, 3 Black Swan, 2 Redshank, 20 Snipe and Black Tailed Godwit.
The Hume's Leaf Warbler remains at the private site where it was heard calling but not seen.

Regards Eleanor
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