Tuesday, 3 December 2013



Today on my early morning run there were 2+ Bramblings, a Grey Wagtail and 2 Ravens near Beck Dairy, Cottesbrooke.  I think that I gave the pair of Stonechat [at the southern end of Blueberry] a fright as it was barely light when I ran past them as they perched on the brambles next to the track!!

Whilst drinking my coffee at home and recovering from my run I had 2 Crossbills, 6 Siskins and probably the same 2 Ravens over the garden.

I found myself running errands around the Wellingborough area so I took Bazra and enjoyed a very pleasant stroll around Sywell Country Park.  It is quite a favourite walk of mine and I think a rather under-watched place.  The autumn colours were quite stunning, mind you so were the birds as I coincided my walk with a brief spell of sunshine.  Two 'redhead' Smew, a Water Rail, a pair of Stonechat, 10+ Lesser Redpolls and 50+ Siskin certainly brightened up the day.

One of my aims for today was to visit Earls Barton and hopefully photograph the 3 Long-tailed Ducks present on Mary's Lake.  I do not remember seeing three of these birds together in the county before and they certainly looked quite spectacular and were showing well - diving, preening, flying and loafing around.  Sadly the light was pretty poor this afternoon.......well that's my excuse for my poor attempts at photographing them!



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