Monday, 4 November 2013

Welland and Woods!


With bright and breezy conditions today we decided that an excursion to the north of the county was well overdue.  However before we set off four Crossbills flew south-west over the garden here at Hanging Houghton (7.20am).

Our first venue was East Carlton Country Park which hosted plenty of common birds which included a Woodcock, a Kingfisher, c20 Siskins, several redpoll including a large pale bird seen only in flight, a Brambling and a Grey Wagtail.

We then meandered up the Welland Valley and took a diversion on to the old Harringworth Airfield.  Plenty of passerines and Red Kites galore but nothing was found out of the ordinary.  Adjacent Wakerley Wood provided views of four Crossbills, c10 Siskins, a few redpoll sp and tits and woodpeckers.

More views of Red Kites in the afternoon sunshine at Fineshade were enjoyable, with plenty of Common Buzzards competing for air space too.  A Kingfisher, a Brambling and just a few redpoll sp and Siskins were noted and the feeders in front of the Wildlife Hide were providing good views of common woodland birds.  Insects included Hornet, Red Admiral and Comma.

Our last venue was Blatherwycke Lake as the sun began to seriously dip and the temperature plummet.  The large flock of Greylag and Canada Geese also included a Barnacle, the Mandarin Duck flock totalled twenty-two and other birds included lots of Red Kites, three Little Egrets, two Kingfishers and a Grey Wagtail.


Eleanor and Neil

With a bumper autumn of goodies on
offer here's hoping the Grey Squirrels stay
off our bird feeders!

Blue Tit

Common Buzzard

Red Kites

Greylag Geese

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