Saturday, 2 November 2013

Blustery Blueberry !

A very entertaining walk around Blueberry area this afternoon thanks to the antics of a Common Buzzard and a collie called Bazra !!.
We started our walk below Hanging Houghton and as we headed towards Blueberry the fields were "pulsating" with literally hundreds of Fieldfares and good numbers of Redwing, Starling and Skylark. These proved irresistible to a Peregrine Falcon, who could easily have caught any of these birds, but instead seemed happy to play in the wind.
The largest and highest field of the Blueberry complex has been cut and this appeared very attractive to 2 Red Kites, a male Merlin, several Kestrels and 4+ Common Buzzard. 
As we neared the summit I could hear a "squeaking" noise coming from an area of grass which hadn't been cut. Bazra went ahead to investigate and in doing so he "flushed" a Common Buzzard from the ground, which flew up carrying it's prey. I don't think the Buzzard realised that I was only a few metres behind and as it rose the wind blew the Buzzard my way. I could have caught it's prey item as it dropped it at my feet.......a slightly stunned Weasel, which shook itself off and disappeared into the grass with Bazra in pursuit, but being the obedient collie he is he soon left the Weasel in peace.  I can't remember the last time I actually saw a Weasel.
Birds seen on the walk back to the car included 2 Barn Owls, pr Stonechat and a "brown" Crow.
Prior to going out for a walk I had been tidying the garden and a Red Kite, 2 Ravens, Brambling, several Siskin and Grey Wagtail had gone over.

Regards Eleanor
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