Thursday, 31 October 2013

A day of "surprises" !

Birding, running or household jobs.......a dilemma I'm faced with each morning !!
This morning I opted to start my day with a run along the Brampton Valley Way and I soon became aware of the alarm/mobbing calls of blackbirds and chaffinches in the hedge . I stopped and stuck my head into the hedge and I honestly do not know who was more surprised, me or it....a very bemused Long Eared Owl, which flew off in the direction of Brixworth.
Then it was time to walk the dogs and we took a leisurely walk around the big side of Pitsford Reservoir.  I nearly missed the first good bird, a Ring Ouzel, perched on a lone bush in the field next to the causeway car park. I confess to nearly not bothering to raise my binoculars to it!!.  There were 3 Great White Egrets together on the shoreline infront of the gorse bushes. Quite a sight, although they were rather nervous and as I watched 2 flew onto the small side and I saw them later in the Scaldwell Bay, whilst 1 remained at the gorse bushes.  I lost count of the number of Little Egrets, easily in double figures.  
As it was bright and breezy it wasn't long before the raptors were up and about, with a female Peregrine chasing the lapwings and a Red Kite causing some panic amongst the wildfowl.
The area below the dam looks quite interesting at the moment as it is soggy grass fields with horses grazing.  A Black Redstart was a surprise find, but the "local" robin was a nuisance as it kept chasing it around.  A Green Sandpiper was also present.
On the small side [scaldwell bay] were 3 Dunlin, a Redshank and 10 Red Crested Pochard.
Neil's token effort was a Grey Wagtail and Yellow Legged Gull from the dam at Pitsford Reservoir.

Regards Eleanor
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