Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mid Week Round Up

The last two days seem to have flown by and my birding has been confined to Pitsford, Harrington and Blueberry area.
The water level at Pitsford is gradually falling, which in turn is producing some interesting muddy margins which hopefully will be attractive to any waders passing through.  Yesterday morning there were 2 Greenshank, 4 Common Sandpiper and a Ruff on the bigside. The most Little Egret I could see at any one time was 6. From the feeding station the Goldeneye and 2 Red Crested Pochard were visible.
The valley below HH was quiet apart from the 4 Whinchat.

This morning I went out early with the dogs as it promised to be a very hot day, and by 07.30hrs I had watched a Swift and Whimbrel fly over, and the usual Marsh Harrier was frequenting the area near the pond.  The bushes appeared quiet except for 2 Turtle Doves and plenty of Whitethroats. 
Late this afternoon, once it had cooled down I walked a large circuit taking in the valley between HH and Cottesbrooke and Blueberry Area.   The 4 Whinchat were in their usual spot as I set off.  I decided to walk around the largest field of the complex and sat on the top of the hill taking in the breathtaking view.  At 19.00 a Marsh Harrier flew over heading towards Haselbeech, but after a few minutes headed back and appeared to be heading towards Harrington.  We know from experience that birds fly between these two areas on a regular basis.  A Hobby, Red Kite and the rather striking " White Buzzard" were also in this area.
Then to my surprise I located 4 Whinchat in an area of the field which I haven't walked for a while, so not sure how long they have been present.  I was in a bit of a dilemma, "were these the regular 4 Whinchats" which I have been watching or a completely new group?   So with the light fading fast and me running, or trying to run as my collie thought I was playing so he was nipping me and slowing me down !!  Anyway we made it back to the usual field and the 4 Whinchat were still where I'd left them earlier, so it would seem that there are at least 8 Whinchat on the Blueberry complex.  And to finish the day a beautiful sunset and red sky.

Regards   Eleanor
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