Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hysterical Hobby's!

Today my birding has been confined to the valley below HH and Blueberry Area. My morning walk was quiet with only 2 Ravens and a Red Kite.  Late afternoon/early evening was far more productive, and the weather was much better, sun and wind, the perfect recipe for raptors, and they didn't disappoint !!.  I lost count how many Common Buzzard I saw and heard, such an evocative call and they were clearly enjoying themselves. The rather stunning "white" Buzzard perched on the top of a tree watching the world go by, and there were 2 Red Kites and a female Peregrine in the area.
Over the last few days there have been hundreds of House Martins and Swallows feeding low over the fields etc, in preparation for their long journey south. This was the sight at Blueberry today, and whilst I stood around to let my collie companion have a rest I became aware of the alarm calls of the hirundines as they quickly gathered themselves together and gained height. However chaos soon ensued as 2 Hobby powered in and began hunting. The 2 Hobby were clearly working together and became very vocal with almost "scream" like calls. It wasn't long before one of them had caught their prey and they both flew off together. I'm glad that it was daylight as they sounded pretty scarey.  I had witnessed this before, many years ago at Pitsford Reservoir.
There were at least 8 Whinchat in their usual field, at one time 4 were perched together on a tiny weed stem with a couple of others trying to join them !!  Quite entertaining to watch.

Regards  Eleanor
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