Sunday, 11 August 2013

This afternoon found me wandering around Blueberry area and as I sat on one of the seats at the top of the big field admiring one of the best views in Northamptonshire an Osprey, Hobby and Barn Owl flew through my field of view and I could hear a Grasshopper Warbler close by.

I walked the dogs late this evening in the area between Hanging Houghton and Cottesbrooke. Against the backdrop of a stunning red sky and the combine harvesters working the fields I heard another Grasshopper Warbler and saw at least 4 Whinchats.

As I came back to the village I could hear the family of Little Owls hissing and generally making lots of noises. So I couldn't resist walking over to them and playing "peek a boo" as they looked out from behind the tree branches, they are just so comical.

Regards Eleanor

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