Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Skokholm continued...


Still on Skokholm and yesterday afternoon we had a go at trying to trap passerines using fixed spring traps set on the ground.  We enjoyed some success and managed to catch and ring three Wheatears and a Rock Pipit.

Later that night we ganged up with others on the island to try and catch some Storm Petrels.  We started to catch them from about 11.15pm with a steady effort through the early hours culminating in just over 30 birds caught and ringed.  These miniature travellers of the waves are just wonderful little creatures with an ultra soft velvety texture to the feathers, spindly black flattened legs and entertaining vocabulary something akin to Sooty and Sweep arguing or laughing between themselves (my apologies if you are too young to know who Sooty and Sweep were/are)!

We finally found our beds at about 3am this morning and 'slept in' until 7am before committing to more diurnal birding activity!


Neil M and Neil H


Rock Pipit
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