Thursday, 29 August 2013

Repeat Performance !

Today has certainly felt like " I've seen this all before!".  I started with an early morning walk along the valley between HH and Cottesbrooke. There were 4 Whinchat in their usual corner of a field, a large mixed flock of birds moving along the usual hedge, including a Redstart, Lesser Whitethroat and Wheatear.  A "cream crown" Marsh Harrier was again quartering the wheat fields.
However the combine harvesters are now busy in these fields, so I expect these birds will become displaced.
At 10.30 whilst I sat in the garden drinking my coffee and unpacking a very precious parcel an Osprey went over, as did 2 Red Kite and a Hobby. 
With parcel unpacked it was time to go and try it new telescope had arrived !!! So I headed offto Pitsford Reservoir. As I loitered by the gorse bushes, trying out my new scope I saw an/the Osprey heading my way. This was 11.15hrs. As I watched it circled several times before heading towards the dam, but it soon reappeared and to my delight began fishing right in front of me again. This bird is a real star and has given me some of my best ever views of Osprey in the county.  It caught a fish on its second attempt which looked like a reasonable sized trout.  The gulls immediately began to hassle the Osprey, no doubt hoping for a free meal, but there was no way in which the Osprey was going to give up its fish, and despite being quite acrobatic when catching the fish, it was certainly quite clumsy as it swerved to avoid the gulls. The Osprey with fish flew towards the causeway.
Other birds on the big side included 4 Little Egret, 2 Greenshank and 2 Black Tailed Godwits.
I concluded my visit and "new scope test" by scanning from the feeding station where I soon picked out a Goldeneye and 2 female Red Crested Pochard.

Regards  Eleanor
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