Tuesday, 27 August 2013

One of those days !!

It has been one of those days !!  .......a glorious Autumn day full of expectation which was fueled by 2 Crossbills and a Grey Wagtail going over the garden this morning. So I headed for Harrington Airfield where a good yomp round with my faithful old collie produced nothing . I couldn't find a single bird of note and the silence of the bushes was deafening !!!!
A couple of visits to the causeway at Pitsford produced the same result.
This evening Neil and I walked a huge circuit around Blueberry and the valley between Hanging Houghton and Cottesbrooke, where again the birds proved elusive. The only compensation being a rather beautiful sunset. But.....at 19.50hrs we picked up a Marsh Harrier hunting the wheat fields between HH and Cottesbrooke. As we watched it made several attempts to catch prey and finally it did appear to be "wrestling" with something on the ground.

Regards Eleanor and Neil
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